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Why.. we never insisted on visas before UK joined the EEC in 1976. How are you going to stop
26-Dec-2017 09:22:53

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15-Sep-2019 11:49:41

people travelling up the road from Dublin to Belfast for example, or a farmer in Co Monaghan herding his cows from the far side of the field in NI into the milking parlour which is a few metres inside the ROI ? Just think about your summer holidays to Spain and the Med on Ryanair/Easyjet, are you seriously suggesting that every UK resident would have to apply in person to the Spanish or French embassies in London for a visa, or the stage and hen night parties to Amsterdam etc... Because if you insist on visitors to the UK having visas, their countries will do the same to us.

Unfortunately a large proportion of the people that voted for UK to leave the EU didn't give more than a moments thought to the ramifications of that decision.

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