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19-Jun-2018 13:46:52

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21-Feb-2019 00:35:30

Well, song mixing is like a performance in itself.

In recordings I've been involved with,bands always, and I mean always, argue about relative levels/balance, tones and use of effects.

It is daft, but I think of a song mix as a cake recipe. Is it cherry cake, with all the ingredients integrated, or is it a cake with decorative cherries stuck on the top? Things sticking too far out of the mix seem wrong to me, so I like the former; whereas others like the latter. It's all opinion,and nobody is wrong. You get the picture.

As to the Harmony project, I think the melody parts should largely hold sway on this type of song, so the snare sound is a support rather than forefront, but not a distant support. I like those crisp snare shots, (sounding almost like gun shots!)
Having said that, the kick/bass drum usually needs boosting in the mix, and the cymbal flourishes need to cut through. (I like to pan those across the stereo tracks, as I love that 'swish'). Has to be said, I think St Paddy's work on this is excellent.

There is nothing wrong with pushing levels of anything at key points in the song for emphasis, and at the end, as the song builds.As I said, I think mixing is part of the performance.

All the above is just my opinion, and cherry cake is not actually my favourite cake..

I think the project has evolved well, and sounds good, with more to come. I'm happy to go with whatever decisions you make on the final mix.

I've enjoyed being part of this. Perhaps it won't be a one off?

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