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Right, I've just had a quick look at the 2017 gig on Youtube and I can see what you mean.
27-Aug-2018 11:26:04

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27-Oct-2020 16:45:43

However it was OK there on the night down at the front, though may have been a problem further back. I've noticed that the quality of gig lighting generally seems to have declined in recent years - maybe a lot of the old experienced technicians have retired. There seems to be a tendency to 'blind the audience' by using very strong footlights and suspended lights at the back of the stage shining straight out into the auditorium. In the past these lights would have been at the front of the stage pointing back at it, there would also have been a greater use of sidelighting. Its not only recent Corrs gigs, other artist's concerts I've been to recently use similar lighting. Maybe they are trying to 'blind' the use of smartphones... don't know, but it is certainly annoying at times.

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