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Yes I think Sharon is a potential contestant and I'm convinced Strictly is more exciting than F1,
29-Oct-2018 16:27:28

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01-Oct-2022 10:46:53

of which I used to be a dedicated follower when it was 'proper racing'. F1 has unfortunately now become a clone of its own virtual reality self - it looks like a kid's computer game on Xbox. Strictly meanwhile has real action and you never know from week to week what the outcome will be from such a wide spread band of people - as you say, some with previous dance and entertainment experience, others who have never taken to the floor in their lives. Stacey has been a real revelation.. surprising herself too in her transformation from jungle reporter in jeans to a diva in feathers ! Faye is just one of those people who seem to glide effortlessly through life, the true pro. And your mention of Dame Darcey... cougar or hot dame ! LOL

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