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08-Dec-2018 14:30:37

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07-Dec-2023 09:33:26

... but some of us would like there to be one!!
In 2015 when they appeared on the Chris Evans radio show to promote White Light, one of the other guests was Darcy Bussell who is one of the judges on that show. That probably led to Chris asking why none of The Corrs had taken part in the show ... and it was the speed with which Sharon answered "because we haven't been asked" that immediately suggested to me that she at least would be "up for it" as we say.
I suspect that, if it dawned on the show's producers to ask one of them, they would only think to ask Andrea but you never know what might happen. They've had a husband and wife on the show before, and a father and daughter (though not in the same year) so why not two (or more!) sisters?!

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