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Yes, I'm more than happy with the result, even though we voted for ...
15-Dec-2018 22:09:39

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25-Jun-2024 15:59:54

...Joe! Disappointing to see all the nasty comments online (aimed at all four couples, plus lots just saying the show was a fix because their favourite didn't win) but funny to see all those earlier comments from those who assumed that Joe would win simply because of his online following and said that all he had to do to win was to turn up!!!
Don't think it had occurred to them that people needed to actually VOTE for him and that many of his 8 million followers are not from the UK and so COULDN'T vote for him, or only watch the clips of the show posted online and think the results are only based on the judges scores!
Incidentally, DWTS (Ireland's version of Strictly) had a poll on Twitter, and Stacey got 52% of all the votes on that ... like with most of these shows, doesn't matter how good you are, you have to be popular as well to win ...

Ah well, just need to hope that Caroline gets on the show next year ... I can dream!!!

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