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HNY! My year began with a disagreement over The Corrs :(
02-Jan-2019 09:54:15

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04-Dec-2023 18:57:54

I think people here will understand my disappointment!

I went to see NYE fireworks with my sister-in-law, and on the train heading into the city, I was telling her about the time I went to Ireland. Many years ago, I went on a Shamrocker bus tour of Ireland, and it began sourly when I told the tour guide that I loved The Corrs. He straight away began criticising them, basically saying their music was terrible...and it kind of cast the first shadow on my overall unlucky trip. I don't mind if people don't like a band or song that I like - everyone has different tastes. But it's one thing to say "They're not to my taste", and it's another to say "Ugh, they're terrible/rubbish/whatever". Especially when it's a tour guide telling it to a passenger who wanted to see Ireland because of The Corrs - it just wasn't very professional. The latter form of criticism reaaaally gets up my nose, because it feels like it's more about ego.

Anyway, I was telling my sister-in-law the story, and she agreed with him. She said when she first heard The Corrs in the 90s, she thought they were awful, that they were ripping off traditional Irish music. She said that she could see how people in Ireland wouldn't like them, because traditional Irish music is probably quite spiritual for the Irish, and that The Corrs came along and were "slutifying traditional Irish music".

I thought that was unfair...because I think The Corrs are sincere in their approach to mixing their rock, pop and traditional Irish influences together. And besides, it's like comparing apples and oranges. Each has its own place.

Anyway...I was mostly annoyed because she kept telling me that people are entitled to their different opinions - but for me, the problem is the way in which some people share those opinions. I felt like she was getting pleasure out of telling me that the band I have loved for so long is rubbish.

So my NYE was awkward because I didn't feel like chatting after that. At least the fireworks were pretty!

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