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Some people just aim to be rude! I suspect the Irish are actually much like the Scottish
03-Jan-2019 11:30:03

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21-May-2024 09:16:24

our folk music is pretty similar, and our heritage is too.

Basically, as a majority, Scottish folk don't get riled until something threatens part of what we believe makes up our history.
For the larger part, most don't care.

As an example - many working class Scots don't like the "TV Tax" (TV Licence in the UK, which funds the BBC, our public broadcaster) but if you told them that Gaelic programming was being lost because there wasn't enough money, they'd be up roar, and it'd be someone else's fault, probably the English, that this language that most of us don't speak is disappearing.

On top of that, the Irish seem to have a thing about Irish people becoming really big / famous and going somewhere else.
For a long time U2 didn't seem all that popular with the Irish as they chose to live elsewhere.

Add to all of this that liking the Corrs has never really been a cool thing to do, and I think you have your answer.

It's not really about their opinion, so much as the expected opinion - the one that makes them feel they fit in, or perhaps just the perception the tabloids have given them.

I'm certain that Irish music, and indeed Ireland would be a lot worse / has benefited greatly from the Corrs. They made it popular, or at least known to a whole generation, whilst retaining some of the roots, unlike others (say U2, Westlife, Boyzone) whose brand of music could be from anywhere, save for their accents (and some lyrical content in the case of U2).


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