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They are all very active in their private lives, as can be seen on Instagram. The band
30-Jan-2019 16:13:09

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04-Dec-2023 18:21:34

seems to have been a 'means to an end' in that the hard work of 20 years has now allowed them to live the lives they had hoped for. The raising of families and the enjoyment that can bring now seems paramount - and who would deny them that. In an Instagram post last year, Andrea confirmed the band 'are not finished'. Sharon still actively enjoys her music, Caroline seems to spend a lot of time travelling with her children. Jim is still an 'activist'. So basically I'd say they are just getting on with normal life - Sharon's interview with the Belfast Telegraph seemed to reflect this a few days ago.

As someone commented on this fansite a while ago - they'll be back when the piggy banks need topping up again...LOL. But in the meantime I'm getting on with my life and enjoying other bands - 5 gigs in Spain shortly. As for The Corrs, yep sure I'll be back again outside and down the front... whenever.

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