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Since they are are family, I don't know if they will ever really disband as such, but certainly, they aren't working
01-Feb-2019 11:13:41

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21-Jul-2024 04:00:23

together right now.

There are some signs that you can watch out for...

Solo work - Sharon has a UK tour coming up in March with Vonda Shepard. In the past, when she was doing solo work, there was no conflict with band work. I personally don't think she would organise a tour without first consulting the other 3 and deciding that, as a band, they have no plans.

Jim's social media activity - Jim is currently very active on social media, spreading his (often very toxic, and heavily misguided imo) message. During the recording of White Light, and throughout that period ad into Jupiter Calling, his posts were very much toned down and more about normal publicity. I have a feeling if / when they start to do anything again, he will again reduce his post count.

On your comment of Jupiter Calling not being a commercial success, and indeed, Dave's comment on them not doing anything until they need money... We live in a world where albums aren't successful anyway. Beyond a handful of albums that sell astronomical amounts (pop charts, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Ariana Grane etc.) most artists now make money by touring. The gigs bring in the money more than the record sales do. I think we aren't far from the death of albums in general as singles and radio edits become the things, perhaps we'll see more EPs, I don't know. Anyway, my point is that I can't see JC even being in a position where it payed for itself, some sales, minimal promotion, 1 gig.
If they really want to make money quickly, they'll do a Talk On Corners anniversary tour. It's a tool in their arsenal that will easily sell arenas well, and fill bank accounts given the right promotion.


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