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Interesting views there Terry. I did say that I disliked Tribute bands, however covers bands
21-Feb-2019 13:42:10

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13-Jul-2024 09:05:34

are slightly different - they do not pretend to be or impersonate the genuine band or artist. I live in an area that has very few genuine live and original acts performing, yet we are inundated by Tribute bands. Some of the venues are not very clear in their marketing that the audience will be seeing & listening to a Tribute band instead of the original genuine article. Some of the Tribute bands use names almost identical to that of the original band/artist, sometimes only one letter in the name being different. They dress and make up to look as much like the genuine article as possible.

Covers bands however are pretty open about the content of their gigs and rarely use a name or try to appear to be something that they are not, the punter in this case gets a more honest performance IMO.

In Ireland there was a tradition of so-called Show Bands, these were pure and simple Covers bands as we would call them today. The reason that Show Bands were so numerous in Ireland decades ago is because very few International bands or artists visited and performed in the country. Records from the latest bands & artists were also hard to obtain in the country, so a Show Band would cover the latest releases and top hits in local clubs and pubs.

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