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OK Steve, they started the gigs with both girls coming onstage, Vonda at grand piano
06-Mar-2019 19:19:06

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17-Apr-2024 01:30:16

and Sharon centre stage on mic. First song was from Vonda's album with both sharing the vocals. They then introduced each other, explaining how their friendship had come about. Being a joint billing, they explained it was the flip of a coin to decide who performed their set first. At Milton Keynes, it was Vonda performing the first set of about an hour duration, Sharon coming on to join her a couple of times to share vocals or provide backing vox and violin where it was required. There was a 20 minute intermission and then it was Sharon's turn as the 'second set' of around an hour. This time it was Vonda who came on a couple of times to add/share vocals on some of Sharon's songs.

I am not familiar with Vonda's material or back catalogue, so cannot comment apart from to say that she delivered most of her songs whilst also playing piano. Sharon's set was very similar to her previous solo tours, with a couple of Corrs numbers also included. The concert concluded with both artists on stage sharing vocals on songs from each other's repertoire.

There was a delightful shared chemistry between the two women, showing their obvious friendship and common ground in performing good music to a very high standard... lots of joking and fooling around between numbers. The band itself comprised Vonda's own backing musicians, none of Sharon's 'team' appeared to be present, not even her previous tour manager Henry McGroggan... she appeared to have arrived in UK from Spain literally carrying her violin case and a travel bag - but boy was she having fun !

Sharon and Vonda both did signings at the merchandise stand after the MK show, but this was not repeated in London... possibly due to the venue's curfew being in danger of overrunning, or maybe the girls had dinner dates organised !

The London gig had the sets reversed, Sharon doing the first hour and Vonda the second part. My memory for setlists is bad, buy a few were obtained from the stage by people 'known on this forum'... so we may get the actual list sometime.

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