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I think it's the version on the 2006 remix of Goodbye
15-Apr-2019 11:43:13

CorrsClub Time:
20-Oct-2019 01:28:17

Incidentally, Goodbye is one of my favorite songs. I prefer the BH album version with the syncopated drum beat. Someone on the board (I believe it was Leslie) likened the beat to a "skipped heartbeat", which I think is a lovely description. The 2006 remix and Sharon's demo have a more straightforward beat. I do like the U2-like guitar riff at the beginning of the 2006 remix, though (at 0:10 below).

Trivia: Goodbye contains the highest notes sung by Andrea on any recording that I am aware of. She hits an F# twice during the wordless vocals, at 3:28 and 3:30 above.

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