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Releasing: HARMONY - a worldwide Corrs Club collaboration!
19-Apr-2019 04:59:37

CorrsClub Time:
25-Feb-2020 18:40:56

Hello all on this Good Friday!


Here is our first Corrs Club collaboration: 'HARMONY'

Seven Corrs Club members from six countries (Australia, US, UK, Germany, France, and the Philippines) contributed their musical talents. Over the past year we've been compiling the recordings, and working on the arrangement. There have been dozens of emails back and forth, and many versions!

Hope you like it! Feedback is welcome. Obviously it won't sound quite as amazing as The Corrs' original (who have professional mixing engineers etc - and I'm no Andrea), but I think we were all thrilled with each other's talents and what we could accomplish together.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, it exceeded our expectations!

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