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Long Night -- another Corrs Club cover?
20-Apr-2019 02:47:12

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25-Feb-2020 20:12:01

BallerinaTay suggested Long Night as a possible second Corrs Club collaboration in the previous thread. I love Long Night; it's one of my favorite songs of theirs. It would be quite a bit more challenging than Harmony, I'm guessing. The vocals span a wide range (low in the verses, high in the chorus) and require some power in the chorus ("caught in the headlii-ights"). The instrumentation has a lot of layers and subtle little parts. On the plus side, there are nice backing vocals where people could join in, and we have sheet music for it. And it's not a song with a lot of existing cover versions.

As far as keyboards go, Harmony was relatively easy for me because it was mostly a lot of long held chords. Long Night would require more traditional keyboard playing skills, which is not my strength. It would also be essential to have a violin, which we were able to get by without for Harmony.

Whoever would want to take part in this: what do you think? I'm up for giving it a try (although I might not have much time to work on it for some time -- maybe over the summer at earliest). It would be fun to tackle a more challenging song, and perhaps add our own interpretation to it.

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