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As below, I'd quite like to try something out, though I don't want to be more of a burden...
20-Apr-2019 09:34:33

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25-May-2020 16:44:13

I'll start by saying this would be really ambitious for me as I don't play an instrument at all.

I do however own a bass guitar, and I think, kit that will enable me to record it digitally (I have a guitar to USB cable from the Rocksmith video game, and also I think Erica has a Line 6 pod studio ux1 laying around somewhere from when she was learning / playing guitar)

I think given a good amount of time, I can perhaps learn to play 1 song worth of bass lines well enough to lay down a recording, but I don't really want to be responsible for taking up lots of someone else's time, so someone would have to be brutal enough to tell me I'm crap and it won't work if need be!!!

Of course this introduces many other issues, as being a non-player, I obviously can't write the music, and, well all of the other issues that come with not being a player :S

I don't want anyone to be too polite here, I have a slight fear of completely derailing the project for everyone else, so... this is just a thought, any of our real musicians can tell me I'm way wide of the mark if needed :)


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