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I think it's worth a shot!
20-Apr-2019 10:01:18

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26-May-2020 17:01:05

It took us close to two years to finish Harmony. (The first version of the keyboard part I have saved on my computer is from July 2017.) I'm confident that you could figure out the bass part given that much time (I don't think you'd need anywhere that long, actually.) The bass part is fairly straightforward -- mainly just the root note of each chord. It's not like trying to learn the bass part for Paddy McCarthy or a Duran Duran song or something difficult like that.

I have a bass, and I'm self-taught on it. I can't play guitar at all, but I found it pretty easy to learn how to play basic bass parts. So I'm sure you could too. (I certainly have no particular musical talent when it comes to actually playing instruments.) And it will be less pressure than having to play live -- we can combine different takes, so you don't have to be able to play it perfectly straight through.

I don't believe we have any other bass players anyway. I'd give it a shot, but I don't have a way of connecting my bass to my computer. (If I can figure out how to do that, one possibility is to have both of us play and combine the parts for a richer sound.)

Moreover, this would be a great motivation. Maybe this is something you've always wanted to do, but you never had time to try it. This could give you a goal to shoot for, and a time limit to pace yourself. You'll be motivated to learn it because you'll have an specific end result to reward your efforts. So I think it's worth a shot if you're up for it!

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