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20-Apr-2019 12:02:18

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25-May-2020 16:26:59

I think it's good not to have firm deadlines for something like this. If you feel under pressure to get it done by a certain time, then it's not as much fun any more. So I'm fine with taking as long as we need.

Looking at my saved files for Harmony: my versions 1, 2, and 3 were all from July 2017, but then version 4 is not until May 2018. I was up to version 9 by July 2018, but then I didn't reach version 10 (my final version) until 3 weeks ago. So most of the work for me was concentrated in summer 2018, which, not coincidentally, was when school was out of session. (My day job is being a math teacher.) So it's not like we were working on this for two years straight, and I agree that it was helpful to be able to take a break and return with fresh ears.

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