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OK, let's go for it!
21-Apr-2019 03:43:58

CorrsClub Time:
26-May-2020 16:15:00

BallerinaTay, do you sing the song in the original key? Or would you prefer to transpose it up or down?

I don't know much about mixing either, but I can do a basic mix. If someone else would like to give it a shot, please do.

Ariko can contribute violin, whistle, and vocals, Chris can perhaps contribute bass, Wendy can add vocals, whistle, and clarinet, and I can do keyboards and maybe bass. Anyone else?

One potentially major complication: Harmony was exactly 144 beats per minute, which meant that I could sync it up exactly in GarageBand. Long Night seems to be cloe to 74 bpm but not exactly, which means it doesn't sync quite right. I'll have to see if I can get around this.

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