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Harmony - instrumental version
23-Apr-2019 10:57:25

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29-May-2020 10:23:09

Here is the instrumental version of Harmony. This is just the the full song minus the vocal tracks.

I've read artists or producers say that they used 50 or 100 tracks in recording a song, and I always wondered how one could possibly need that many. Well, now I know. In this recording, there are about 13 keyboard tracks, 5 drum tracks, 2 or 3 guitar tracks (Terry can clarify if that is not correct), 4 tin whistle tracks, and about 6 clarinet tracks. (The vocal version has another 15 or so vocal tracks.) So just in this fairly simple arrangement (e.g., there is no orchestra or string section), there around maybe 30-something instrumental tracks and 15 or so vocals tracks. Many of the parts are doubled or tripled or even more -- that is, they are played in duplicate by different instruments -- making them sound richer.

After spending months trying to get one 20-second section right (the second instrumental section from 2:17 to 2:37), I also now understand how artists can spend 5 or 10 years working on an album.

Thanks to Wendy, Terry, and Michael (StPaddy) for contributing their instrumental skills! This was a lot of fun.

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