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Yeah, the timing might be a bit off
25-Apr-2019 04:12:42

CorrsClub Time:
25-May-2020 15:47:31

Thanks for your comments, Wendy. I agree that the timing is off. This was a raw recording of my parts, without any editing or cleaning. I'm not the world's hottest keyboard player, so there are definitely some inaccuracies.

In the case of Harmony, I was debating whether I wanted an authentic recording or a good recording. If I used my raw performances, that would be authentic but not very good, with many little mistakes. After hearing how good everyone else's parts were, I decided to edit and clean up my parts to make them better. I figured we're making a studio recording, not a live one, so it's more important to make it sound good rather than having it be an authentic document. I'm leaning the same way for Long Night, so I will eventually clean everything up, but I didn't have a chance to do that yet.

Now that I've done this much, I'm excited to do the rest! I don't have time, but now I really want to hear what the rest will sound like. Also, listening to and playing the Corrs' version reminds me how much I love this song.

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