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Transposing keys
26-Apr-2019 18:10:17

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26-May-2020 17:39:26

It didn’t occur to me that a whistle would not be able to transpose keys easily. Thanks for bringing this up, Wendy. I don’t know how common A-flat whistles are; from a quick google search they did not seem to be commonly available.

I think my feeling is that if we have a choice between a key that is suitable for the vocalist and one that is suitable for the whistles, we should go with the former. The lead vocals are the most important element of the song, whereas the whistle parts are relatively minor in this song. However, since I’m not either the singer or the whistler, I don’t feel that it should be my decision.

What about other instruments? I’m not a guitarist, but I would think it should be easy to transpose the guitar parts. So the guitarist could practice while listening to the song in the original key, and then record the final part using a capo. For the keyboards, it’s easy for me to learn and record my parts in the original key, and then shift them up in GarageBand.

Transposing the key will be more challenging for the violinist and singers, who will not be able to practice their parts while listening to the recording. If we decide to transpose the key, I think I will have to first record a guide track in the new key for people to listen to.

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