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26-Apr-2019 22:31:52

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26-May-2020 16:43:21

Changing the key of whistles needn't be a problem. Record them in the original key, then change the key of the recorded track using your music software, or even old DAW units, to match the new key. Same with violins etc if necessary.

I've done this with my DAW, and have read that you can do it using Audacity, also I think, with GarageBand, changing by steps / half steps, or by specifying original and target key. This won't affect the tempo.

I suppose you could record the whole instrumental track in the original key, then change the track key before adding vocals. Or would you say that's cheating?

As you say Steve, use of a capo allows guitarists to easily raise keys; but lowering keys would need transposition. Not really a problem though.

To be honest, I was hoping you'd change keyboard keys by borrowing Irving Berlin's piano!

I imagine Fran SS could help with all this.

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