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Technology to the rescue
27-Apr-2019 01:46:13

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26-May-2020 17:10:50

I tried raising the key of one of Wendy's tin whistle tracks from Harmony using software, as Terry helpfully suggested. I was able to do this fairly easily in GarageBand and in Audacity, and I also found an app called Anytune that does this. BTW, Anytune is free for iOS, and there are also paid versions for Mac. It seems like it might be useful for people practicing their parts, so I'll give the URL here:

I was afraid changing the pitch would affect the timbre as well, making the part sound "chipmunky", but it seemed to work fine for raising parts just a half-step. So I think everyone should be able to record their parts in whatever key they like, and we can pitch-shift the recordings as needed.

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