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Yeah, use tech - unless someone has an E flat whistle
27-Apr-2019 02:41:26

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26-May-2020 16:13:16

The whistle part just adds texture to the end instrumental and isn't the main feature. I'm not saying the whistle isn't important, but it isn't as much of a 'character' as it is in Harmony.

The whistle line starts on E, and transposing it up a semi-tone would make it start on F, and common D whistles play Fsharp, not F (you can half-cover notes, but then you'd have to have cover most of the notes which is difficult).

I think you'd need an E flat whistle to play it authentically because E flat whistles can play F minor. I don't own one, but one of the other tin whistlers on this board may have one! Otherwise yeah - just pitch shift using software.

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