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Long Night -- instructions
27-Apr-2019 04:26:31

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25-May-2020 18:00:21

First, if you'd like to be involved, would you please send me an email telling me what instruments or vocals you can contribute? When we did Harmony, we found it useful to be able to reach people by email instead of posting to the board every time we needed to contact someone. My email is 'scwang', followed by '251', at (You don't need to do this if I already have your email from when we were working on Harmony.)

Here are the parts we need, along with people who have expressed interest so far (this is from memory, so I may have forgotten some people -- if so, my apologies). Of course this is not a firm commitment, so it's fine if it turns out you aren't able to do it, but this is what we might have at the moment:

lead vocals: BallerinaTay
drums: StPaddy
lead and rhythm guitar: Terry2
bass: Chris
keyboards: me
violin: Arikorr
tin whistle: Wendy
backing vocals
production: Fran_SS

Wendy can also add clarinet, which we found to be very useful for doubling parts when we did Harmony.

For Harmony, we stuck fairly closely to the original version. I'm thinking we can do something similar here, but feel free to add your own interpretation. We're not trying to do an exact imitation of the original recording. However, please follow the original tempo and arrangement of the BH album version. The tempo is 74.5 beats (quarter notes) per minute, or 149 quavers (eighth-notes) per minute.

The easiest way to record your part is to listen to the album version and play or sing along to that, which will ensure that we are all playing at the same tempo (which is crucial). Wendy gave some recording tips for Harmony, which will be useful here as well:
(password: harmony)

It looks like we are going to transpose the key a half-step up from the original recording, so we'll be in key of A-flat (or G-sharp) insted of the original key of G. As discussed in the previous thread, we can pitch-shift violin or tin whistle up a half-step so that you can play along to the original song. However, we won't want to pitch-shift the vocals. So I will put together a rough guide track in A-flat, which the singers can listen to while recording their vocals. (I'm super-busy at the moment, so it might take me some time to do this.)

We need some way to share the tracks. If possble, save or convert your recording to an mp3 file, which should be small enough to send via email. If you have .wav or .aiff files, which are probably too large to easily email, we'll need to figure out some way to deal with those.

Regarding deadlines, as I mentioned earlier, I like not having deadlines for something like this, which is supposed to be a fun project and not work. However, maybe we can set a loose deadline of, say, June 30 for recording parts, just so people can plan their schedule? We can always extend that if necessary, but that will give us a rough timeline.

Anythnig else?

Looking forward to this! Doing Harmony was fun and rewarding, and I'm looking forward to doing Long Night with you all too!

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