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Long Night backing vocal guide track
15-May-2019 13:29:06

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25-May-2020 17:51:06

When we did Harmony, Wendy created a guide track for the backing vocals by singing the various parts, so people would know what to sing. For Long Night, I'm going to try something different. I've removed the lead vocal from the song (after transposing it up a half-step):

Here are the parts we need with approximate timings:

1:05 Gonna be a long night
1:07 Lose this fight
1:37 Gonna be a long night
1:44 Caught in the headlights
1:51 Gonna be a long night
1:53 Lose this fight
2:55 Gonna be a long night
2:58 Lose this fight
3:02 Caught in the headlights
3:08 Gonna be a long night
3:14 Lost in your arms, lost in your arms

The rich sound of the backing vocals is a key element of the song, so we need as many people singing these parts as we can get. It's hard for me to hear whether these are harmonies or just single (unison) vocal lines, as there is so much processing/effects on the vocals that it is a challenge to make out what notes are being sung. But at least for a first pass, we could just go with the single vocal lines.

This version with the vocals (and also violin leads) removed is also useful for those of us playing instruments, as you can more easily make out some of the subtle parts in the background. I could hear a number of violin and synth parts that I had never noticed before.

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