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The Corrs meet Def Leppard
02-Jun-2019 11:24:43

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20-Oct-2019 02:34:02

Since nothing much is going on on the board, I thought I'd post this video I came across on youtube. It's a version of Breathless with Def Leppard-style guitar added. I think it fits the song quite nicely, as Breathless was co-written and produced by Mutt Lange, who co-wrote and produced many of Def Leppard's hits.


It would be fun to see the Corrs and Def Leppard play a few songs live together. Def Leppard did a few songs live with Taylor Swift in 2008, combining their bands, which I thought sounded surprisingly good. I think it works because despite being a hard rock band, Def Leppard's songs are quite melodic. I also think their joint version of Love Story is fantastic, as Joe Elliott sings the song well.

Love Story

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