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Technical difficulties in a Breathless performance
04-Jun-2019 08:32:57

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16-Jun-2024 14:21:30

You may recall that in their big Hyde Park comeback gig, the backing track for Breathless (their opening song) was out of sync, although the problem wasn’t obvious because it was exactly 4 beats off, so it still sounded ok.

While browsing youtube, I came across this promo performance:

You can hear that the backing track is immediately out of sync (0:11-0:16) before the sound engineer cuts it off. From this point, we have a great opportunity to hear how the Corrs sound live without the backing track. Here are some differences I noticed:

0:38 - the “doo-doos” sound thinner, as we’re hearing just Sharon’s voice without the extra backing vocals

0:44 - after “I cannot hide”, there’s a high piano part that’s missing (it’s the same rhythm as the bass part). Also, Sharon seems to have disappeared from the doo-doos, and we can make out Jim’s voice (0:47).

0:48 - the backing vocals that echo “Can’t hide it, can’t fight it” are missing. (Although note that at 1:51 and 2:48, Sharon does sing the echoing parts.)

0:53 - high piano part in the chorus is missing

2:15 - the echo of “Come on" is missing

3:12 - you can make out Jim’s voice singing “Leave me breathless”, which I had never been able to hear before.

I actually prefer their live sound without the backing track. The song doesn't sound quite as rich without the extra parts and vocals, but I would much rather have them play freely without being constrained by the backing track, and I don't think it's a problem that the live version doesn't exactly match the studio recording.

Finally, I had not listened to Breathless much in some time, as it's a song that I had heard a lot and was getting a bit tired of. But hearing it in the last few days with somewhat fresh ears, I'm reminded that this is a terrific and incredibly catchy song.

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