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I understand the need for a backing track 'safety net', especially at arena & stadium gigs.
04-Jun-2019 16:02:02

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16-Jun-2024 15:48:28

However I prefer the raw energy and spontanaiety you get from a performance without a backing track. Luckily I've been to a couple of small Corr gigs which didn't use them... a delightful organic sound. The band I currently follow never use a backing track, even with audiences of a few thousand, though most of their gigs accommodate a few hundred. Although the setlists are very similar at each show, the unexpected often happens... someone will miss their entry, one will be swiging a beer.. but it makes for a great night. Nobody minds as it is a raw live performance.

It seemed their record company, producers and management seemed to want to mould The Corrs into a flawless ensemble on stage, reproducing the album sound as closely as possible, which is fine and dandy... but it can become a bit boring night after night. Quite often on this and other Corr fansites, its the nights when things didn't go quite so smoothly that long time fans remember and treasure.

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