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Breathless at Hyde Park
12-Jun-2019 14:04:22

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16-Jun-2024 15:32:05

What makes this error especially notable is that this was their first live performance in a decade, and in their very first song (aside from the brief intro), the backing track is way off. What a nightmare! I wonder to what extent the band was aware of the problem. I don't know what they are hearing in their monitors; maybe they don't hear the backing track anyway. I would think Sharon at least would hear the backing vocals, though.

Breathless changes keys going from the verse to the chorus, so this error could have been catastrophic since the backing track and the live musicians are briefly playing in different keys each time the chorus starts. Fortunately, the parts sound ok together, but this could have been a train wreck if it had happened on a different song (e.g., Irresistible, which has a more unusual key change going from the verse to the chorus).

I think I remember the band saying that they didn't have a chance to do a sound check before the show. Based on this, it appears that the sound engineer needed the sound check more than the band did.

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