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I thought Andrea looked a bit nervous at the beginning of the Hyde Park gig
13-Jun-2019 11:02:10

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16-Jun-2024 15:02:52

During Breathless, she seemed a bit uneasy and less animated than usual. And who can blame her -- her first gig back with the band in a decade, in front of 60,000 people, and the backing track is out of sync. But she seemed to get more comfortable as the set went on, particularly after the sing-along during Runaway -- that must have reassured her that they were in front of a welcoming audience.

Good catch on Sharon having technical difficulties. I'm surprised she didn't signal to the engineer to cut the backing track entirely. (Or maybe she did but we don't see it in the video.) Incidentally, I'd never heard the term "foldback" before. In the US I usually hear the term "monitors" for the speakers on which the performers hear themselves.

It's fortunate that the verse and chorus keys in Breathless are a perfect fourth apart. If they were separated by, say, a minor third, that would have been a real mess.

The Hyde Park gig will always be a special one for me because it was the first time I ever saw the band play live (on video, not in person), as I didn't become a fan until 2011.

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