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How I discovered the Corrs
15-Jun-2019 05:18:59

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16-Jun-2024 14:05:31

Wendy asked, "Wow, I didn't know you'd only been a Corrs fan since 2011! How did you discover them?"

As you note, the Corrs were never huge in the US. I think most people around my age (I'm the same age as Sharon) would know the song Breathless, but I doubt many people would know who it was by. And that was the only hit song they had in this country.

I had heard Breathless on the radio when it came out and thought it was catchy, but I didn't know who the Corrs were. I actually thought it was by the Dixie Chicks. I didn't know anything about the Dixie Chicks except that they were a group of women who sang country-ish songs with vocal harmonies, and Breathless was a country-ish song with female vocal harmonies, so that was my guess. (I had never heard anything by the Dixie Chicks -- and still haven't -- but they were popular around this time.)

Several years later, I think I heard Breathless on the radio and thought, "I always liked this song, I wonder who sings it". I looked it up online and learned it was by the Corrs, who I had never heard of, but didn't look into the band any further.

Over the years, I would occasionally come across the Corrs while looking for other songs on youtube. I found their performance with Brian Wilson when I was looking for performances of "God Only Knows", one of my favorite songs. I remember thinking, "This singer [Andrea] is pretty good", but again I didn't follow up.

Finally, one day in 2011, I was looking for some music to put on in the background, and I remember that song Breathless that I had liked. So I looked it up on youtube and found the Live in London performance. This time I was enchanted by the song and the sense of joy in the band's performance. I looked up other songs of theirs -- I remember instantly liking Runaway the first time I heard the opening violin part -- and that's how I became a fan.

Since hardly anyone in the US is a Corrs fan, it's been huge having this board. I could not possibly have become as much of a Corrs fan without having the Corrs Club to learn from and to share with. So thank you to everyone here, especially those who have run the board in my 9 years here.

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