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Breathless / Dixie Chicks
15-Jun-2019 07:50:37

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16-Jun-2024 15:34:52

That's interesting that you thought Breathless was by the Dixie Chicks!

I know you don't like country...but after the George W. Bush controversy, the Chicks' music moved further into rock/pop/country crossover, and their music and 'look' was a little more like The Corrs.

They wrote this song with Neil Finn (from Crowded House - the NZ band). Fun fact: there was a famous Crowded House album produced by Mitchell Froom, who later recorded The Corrs Unplugged and Home.

This is also a sweet song. I could imagine Andrea singing this:

Then the sisters recorded their own albums (without Natalie Maines) under 'Court Yard Hounds', and the music sounds a little more like Sharon's music. Even their voices sounds more like Sharon. You may like this song:

I also like this song and could imagine Sharon singing it!

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