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..continuing the Neil Finn (from Crowded House) fun fact / tenuous links...
22-Jul-2019 15:49:24

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19-Jun-2024 01:02:08

Wendy pointed out that the Dixie Chicks wrote a song with Neil Finn (from Crowded House - the NZ band).
And a fun fact: there was a famous Crowded House album produced by Mitchell Froom, who later recorded The Corrs Unplugged and Home.

Obviously Sharon toured with Vonda Sheperd last year.
The format of the gigs was an opener featuring both artists, then a set each by the individual artists, with the other artist returning for a song or 2, then an encore with both.
Vonda is Mitchel Froom's wife.
At some of the gigs, Vonda and Sharon performed a cover of Crowed House's Weather With You.


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