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Did you guys know there were definately plans to do a global tour for 'White Light'?
03-Aug-2019 08:55:31

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20-Jun-2024 08:28:08

And that another 'Greatest Hits' album was planned..

I came across an internal press release, where it said:

17th September – New Album WHITE LIGHT announced
5th October – Radio service date for brand new single
27th November – Album release date

Jan / Feb – UK & EUROPEAN Touring

· The band will be available for TV performances to support the album release. They are already confirmed for a much coveted UK Christmas TV soon to be announced. Please discuss with your teams and let me know your key requests
· There will be European touring in the first quarter of 2016. We are working with the agent to coordinate messaging, so we can maximise impact and marketing spend around the album release & tour announcements
· Global touring plans to be confirmed for later in 2016
· Amazing TV creative to be delivered to support your marketing campaigns
· Internal info – we will be releasing a GREATEST HITS for Christmas 2016, so remember that all set-up work and spending is building into this big sales opportunity !!
· We have comprehensive historical sales and platinum award records for YOUR MARKET so please reach out if you need a reminder about this band’s achievements and incredible sales history !

More soon,

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