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Having experienced the Corrs infront of a variety of different audiences, at a variety of different venues
05-Aug-2019 12:22:56

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25-Feb-2020 18:50:34

I think your experience of seeing them infront of 1,000 or so people would be better than the full stadium.

Lansdowne Road of course is one of those landmark gigs in Corrs terms, their return home after touring the world, and playing at the biggest venue in Ireland, but it's also just a big stadium.

I've seen them play to Hyde Park in front of 55,000 people, and I've seen them play at Bush Hall in London which has a capacity of 425, and a host of places inbetween, from city squares in Bonn, resturants in Monte Carlo, to the o2 Arena in London.

The best one? Bush Hall - small venues are almost always the best venues in my experience, and that goes for all acts I've seen live :)

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