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Long Night video and trivia questions
06-Aug-2019 03:48:26

CorrsClub Time:
19-Jul-2024 04:40:19

Since we are doing a board cover version of Long Night, I have been watching the video and the various live versions on youtube.

This is my favorite Corrs video; it perfectly matches the feel of the song, the sets and wardrobe are elegant, and the "backwards in time" concept is effective.

A couple of trivia questions that occurred to me while watching:

1) There is a cool camera trick at 2:36-2:42, where Andrea appears to stay in the same place in the frame while the rest of the set moves around her. How is this effect achieved, and what famous Hitchcock film does the effect also appear in?

2) There is something unusual about the way this video is shot (besides the back-in-time concept). What is it? (Hint: what is missing in the camerawork?)

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