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Good catch as always Steve, I didn't notice the similarities before
06-Aug-2019 13:58:26

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20-Jun-2024 09:38:02

I agree that it contributes to the overall feel of the Long Night MV, which is one of my favourites simply because it has an actual story rather than just depicting the band performing in fancy locations wearing fancy outfits (sadly, that's how most Corrs music videos are, especially those made before the In Blue era).

My absolute favourite is, without a doubt, Would You Be Happier? wink.gif

To answer your question, my favourite Hitchcock films include:
- Rebecca
- Psycho. Almost impossible not to like...
- Strangers on a Train. A very, very intriguing masterpiece which should be talked about more.
- Rope. One of his most underrated works IMO. I have a soft spot for films taking place in entirely one place and one day like this one.
- Rear Window
- North by Northwest. Cary Grant's suit--enough said.
- Dial M for Murder

Very slight Corrs connection: Sharon once posted a picture of a scene from Rebecca on Instagram (can't remember which one, but it's one of the scenes featuring Maxim and the second Mrs de Winter), saying something about how much she loves the film.

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