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Long Night trivia question answer
09-Aug-2019 08:23:59

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25-Jun-2024 13:48:03

My second trivia question concerned an unusual aspect of the Long Night video.

What I was looking for is that the video appears to have no cuts -- it is one long unbroken shot from beginning to end. Of course, I'm sure the video was not actually shot that way, but it is edited to give that appearance. I think that is pretty unusual, and it gives the video a flowing quality that I think matches the song well.

The connection with Hitchcock is that his movie Rope also has long unbroken shots, although there are a few visible cuts (only 5 in the entire movie, so on average each apparent shot lasts 20 minutes). The other cuts are hidden: Hitchcock pans across a dark object (e.g., the back of a character's dark suit), the camera is stopped and the film reloaded, and the camera is then restarted, with the result being that the shot looks continuous.

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