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Long Night video effect
15-Aug-2019 23:54:29

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13-Jul-2024 09:17:15

johnj, agreed that the video effect in Long Night could be a CGI effect. I tend to think it's a real shot, though. The video was shot on location in an actual house; you can see the staircase in other shots in the video, as well as in the 'Making of' video:

(You can see the director speaking with Andrea on the staircase starting at 0:35 above.)

So it seems to me that it would have been easier (i.e., cheaper) to just do a physical dolly zoom effect, rather than spend time adding the effect digitally in post-production. I could be wrong, though.

Incidentally, I sent a tweet to the director of the video (Mark Davis, now an editor on Peaky Blinders) to ask if the video was an homage to Hitchcock. He didn't reply, though (it looks like he hasn't used his twitter account in nearly three years.)

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