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Great question (re: non-album tracks)
19-Aug-2019 04:52:48

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14-Aug-2020 09:57:36

I like Oh Brother as well; I think I had only heard it once or twice previously and then forgot about it. The main thing that jumps out at me is that the drumming doesn't sound like Caroline at all, particularly the snare drum sound.

Re: acoustic version of TFH, I love this version with Andrea on piano:

On the topic of live versions with different arrangements, I love the pensive intro they added when they played Angel live:

and of course the epic coda to So Young that they played at Lansdowne Road:
Was this a one-time special arrangement just for Lansdowne Road, or did they play this at other gigs? I know they didn't play it at Glastonbury and Solidays, which were in the month before Lansdowne Road.

As for songs that never appeared on an album, Lifting Me is a big favorite of mine. I am still not clear what the lyrics to this song are about; anyone know?

Finally, I also love Mystery of You, which they played on their first TV promo appearance. Many thanks to Miguel for his work in making this video available:

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