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Oh Brother drumming, Mystery of You , Lifting Me
19-Aug-2019 10:42:43

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13-Aug-2020 18:22:09

Yes, I assume Andrea is the only Corr on Oh Brother as well. I meant that the drumming definitely does not sound like Caroline because (as far as I know) it is not!

As Wendy notes, Mystery of You has a major/minor key change going from the verse to the chorus. Many songs that change keys switch between the relative minor and major keys (same notes in the scale but different starting point -- e.g., Give It All Up, Humdrum). By contrast, Mystery of You switches between the parallel major and minor keys (different notes in the scale but same starting point). This is somewhat less common in pop music, although certainly not rare. I think there is another Corrs song that does this, but I can't remember which one off the top of my head.

Re: Lifting Me, here are the lyrics:
It seems to me that the song is about an abusive relationship, or at least a bad relationship. If so, this seems like an odd choice for a Pepsi advertising campaign, especially if it was written specifically for Pepsi. I'm guessing the band gave Pepsi an existing song, but that's just a guess. Question: who does "you" in the chorus refer to? A friend? A new boyfriend? God?

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