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Was it 'Radio'?
19-Aug-2019 13:13:33

CorrsClub Time:
14-Aug-2020 10:27:48

'Radio' switches from minor to major, but I'd have to listen again to know if it's the parallel chord.

As for 'Lifting Me' - you're right Steve, it does sound like it's about an emotionally abusive relationship. The lyrics aren't very detailed. I wonder if it was inspired by a book or a film, rather than one of the Corrs' own relationships?

I'm sure I had this song on CD, but it may have been on a promo CD (my brother used to work at a CD shop and I think he got me a Corrs promo CD once). Hearing it takes me back to the early 2000s, listening to CDs in the kitchen while baking muffins. Specifically, I would bake strawberry yoghurt muffins filled with cream cheese and strawberry jam.

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