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Favourite non-album tracks
20-Aug-2019 21:39:06

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14-Aug-2020 10:21:12

I am totally into instrumentals and the live version of Return To Fingall/Trout In The Bath from the Live In Geneva gig is definitely my no.1. I also love the live version of Paddy McCarthy, probably more than the original included on Talk On Corners CD... and also Pebble In The Brook - such a nice tune, I´m currently learning to play it on my violin.

As for the other songs - I often listen to Head In The Air, Lifting Me, Make You Mine, What I Know and Rainy Day. I remember that many years ago a friend of mine lent me his copy of Unplugged CD and it was that particular release that included Rainy Day on its tracklist... that´s how I got to know this song. Just thinking about it, I should contact him and ask if he still has the CD, haha.

Oh yes, and I really love Sharon´s cover of Woodstock - I´m a huge fan of Joni Mitchell. She also plays Cartola´s As Rosas Não Falam beautifully - my top 1 favourite from her Live in Sao Paulo DVD.

Of corrs, there are many other non-album tracks I like - just can´t remember them at the moment.


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