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Congratulations to Mary and yourself :)
23-Aug-2019 15:57:33

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20-Jun-2024 09:03:55

Actually, Runrig are either the first, or second act I ever saw live (as a id, with my parents, in Dundee's Caird Hall), and perhaps are one of the reasons I love live music so much. The other possible first act was Ronnie Brown, as a solo act, half of The Corries.
At a guess, it was likely around 93/94/95.

I have a slight pang of regret in not seeing them at the end, but I hadn't really listened to them in quite some time, beyond the odd greatest hits..

All that talk of Tshirts is making me wonder if my old Runrig tshirt still exists. I don't remember much about it, though it was my first band tshirt. It was pretty plain, grey with Scottish Price milk logo embroidered and a Runrig logo.


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