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I think there is a fine balance between personal life, and fan discussion when it comes to musicians
02-Sep-2019 13:15:08

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15-Aug-2020 10:20:18

and I think we are all respectful enough to not cross that line. We don't know the whole story, and I doubt we ever will, but so long as the discussion doesn't get out of hand, and start to place blame, or hatred etc, I think it's ok.

I think, this sort of investigation of reports that have already been published (albiet in tabloids of potentially dubious source) is all fine too, and I also feel it's better that we as fans know, after all, it wouldn't have take much for someone to ask "and how is Gavin and the kids?" at one of the signings post gig during Sharon's solo tour, especially as some of us associate he and Sharon's solo tours due to Gavin messaging / retweeting a couple of us back on one of her previous tours, and watching them arrive together at some gigs etc.

Of course, I agree it's very sad, and I hope it was the best result for all parties / been amicable seperation, if indeed it's true.


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