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You're looking at it the wrong way... The solo material isn't a blockage on a band album
04-Sep-2019 14:33:36

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13-Jul-2024 08:48:11

in fact, I'd say it's quite the opposite.

The fact that Sharon seems to want to continue with her solo material should be seen as an indication of her love of music, both writing and performing. The Corrs acting as a unit requires all of them to be complicit.

What Dave is saying, is that, in the past, a solo effort hasn't coincided with a Corrs album.
We've always assumed that if the others have wanted to record / tour that the solo projects take a back seat.

The signs of Sharon moving to the production stages of a solo album strongly suggests that the tabloid published rumour of a Corrs 'reunion' tour next year is nothing more than that - a rumour.


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