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For me anyway, the timing makes it seem less likely.
06-Sep-2019 12:46:12

CorrsClub Time:
13-Jul-2024 11:00:41

Neither The Corrs, not Andrea / Sharon as solo artists have coincided, and the amount of time / effort to prepare a set for a gig, for me anyway seems to make this unlikely.

On the other hand, Sharon has done a staggered release of an album in the past (2nd album?) where it was released in Europe over a year after it's initial release elsewhere, so I guess there is a possibility of something like that.

I don't see Sharon providing support though.
There must be an element of finance involved with backing acts, presumably with them either them paying for the support, or maybe just the promotional element.
Beyond that, it'd be a long, and tiring night for her. I asked Keith about playing with Sharon and Ronan when she provided backing (I think it was Ronan anyway, I wasn't there) in Aus, his response was that it was a lot of fun, but very tiring.


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