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There are lots of areas that would like to see them again, SE Asia, Australia & NZ.. etc.
13-Sep-2019 08:46:04

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14-Jul-2024 07:07:32

I think we just have to wait and see what happens, the rumour was never confirmed or denied by the band, and it didn't come from them anyway. This is one thing that has always irritated me about The Corrs, they survive on rumours and you seldom get a straight answer from them or their management/agent. Yes they're a great band, but not an easy one to follow as a fan. The two bands I'm currently following are completely the opposite to this - they constantly keep fans updated through social media and their own websites. Of course they are younger, so grew up in this environment.

One word of advice though, if The Corrs do ever return as a complete band, be prepared to travel to another country to catch a gig... don't expect them to come to your hometown necessarily. Travel is something that is part of normal life for most nations, but Americans seem reluctant to do so - the world is not as dangerous or unwelcoming as your Dept of Homeland Security and president would have you believe.

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